Understanding the Traditional Milk Supply Chain functioning in El Cairo City, Egypt - Dairy

The objective of the project is to understand the functioning of these small dairy units and the key-factors of their viability based on technical knowledge, social and economic context in link with traditional dairy chains and their interactions.

Project dates



Le Caire, Egypte.


The scientific objective is to develop an interdisciplinary team and to build expertise on the diagnostic of traditional milk supply chain in the periurban area of Cairo city using systemic approach at the farm and family level and dairy chain analysis. 

Economic environment

Dairy is considered as the main livestock sector with a production of about 4.3 billion liters of liquid milk (FAO, 2010). Egypt’s milk sector is still largely traditional with a majority of the population consuming unpasteurized milk. This traditional sector is estimated to represent nearly 80% of Egyptian milk consumers (around 50 liter/hab./year).



AIRD Jeunes équipes


Jean-François Tourrand, Christian Corniaux, Pascal Bonnet, Guillaume Duteurtre, René Poccard Chappuis, Bernard Faye, Philippe Lecomte

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